The miraculous process

I was born in 1985 in the city of Vidin, Bulgaria.  Although Vidin is a small city with economic challenges, I am fully convinced that it gave me the necessary start in life and education.  My childhood helped launch me on my creative and professional path.

Although I now see myself as an artist, I started out as an architect.  In 2010 I graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia, majoring in interior and design. Most of my professional life has been spent as an interior designer and that is why my strongest ability is to choose the best painting for each specific interior. That’s why I started painting again after a ten year break: I felt the need to create more for the interiors that we design at BondArt Architectural Studio. It’s really satisfying to put the final touch on every home or office.

In my work as a designer, I like modern minimalist interiors and simple paintings. However, I sometimes feel the need for more ornaments, colors, shapes, and feelings. I prefer simplicity, but my Gemini ascendant constantly seeks diversity, and I find myself working in different styles, just because I get bored. Most often I create abstract paintings, and my strength has always been my ability to work with colors! I do not live either in the warm shades, or in the cold ones, but live in the energy of both. I lean towards saturated contrasting tones, but I work with a delicate touch and attention to detail.

I admire naive style, but my strength is definitely in multicolored abstractions. I explore different techniques and materials, but most often use oil paints or watercolors.

My other passion is Astrology. I don’t take myself too seriously, and the few times I did so – I came back down to earth with a jolt.  All my life I will learn to live into my Sagittarius zodiac sign and to develop its best skills – real, not false optimism. I sincerely believe that by having the Moon in the twelfth house in Taurus, I could materialize everything I need in my life … I also believe that we each have the gifts we need to walk through life in the best way!

My primary mission as an artist is to develop my skills, so that I can reach more people with a similar vision for life.

Kristina Marinova


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