The miraculous process

Have you ever wanted to buy a new painting for your home or office, but didn’t know what style, size, or technique would best suit your interior? Despite the many articles, blog posts, and videos offering advice, it’s still a difficult decision. While some people enjoy the challenge and easily make a decisive choice, others are overwhelmed and are tempted to choose a painting simply to fill the space on the wall.

I have been working as an interior designer for more than 12 years, and would be happy to help you choose the most suitable painting for your specific interior.

If you are interested, please contact me at the email address listed on the site. Send me photos of your room, as well as the size of the wall where you want to position the picture. It would be helpful to describe what you are looking for or the styles of art that you prefer and I will give you my recommendations:

  1. I will offer you one of my paintings if I have a suitable one available.
  2. I will offer you specific pictures from my colleagues if I don’t work in your preferred style.
  3. I will prepare an offer for a painting that I would create especially for you. This option is a good choice if you have the necessary time and prefer a painting in my style. Oil paintings take six to eight weeks, and watercolors take about three weeks.

The consultation fee is $50, and will be deducted if you purchase a painting from my site.

My primary mission as an artist is to develop my skills, so that I can reach more people with a similar vision for life.

Kristina Marinova


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